Type Design

A playful variable font using stretch to emphasize, visualize and prioritize information in a fun and quirky way. Ranging from Regular, narrow Mono and wide Stretch, this font visualizes everything from statistics to memes.

ÆØÅ is a variable  stretch monoline typeface, and my very first type design. I wanted to make a typeface that had  character,  functionality and that it could fit my personal brand. Try it out yourself in the test section.

PS: The kerning table is not final and bad kerning occurs.. often. I'm on it..


Self-initiated play


Jun 2020 – Present


Martin Helliesen Sørdal


Regular, Mono and Stretch

BOR written in decorative lettering
The letter A
The letter B
The letter C
The letter D
The letter E
The letter F
The letter G
The letter H
The letter I
The letter J
The letter K
The letter L
The letter M
The letter N
The letter O
The letter P
The letter Q
The letter R
The letter S
The letter T
The letter U
The letter V
The letter W
The letter X
The letter Y
The letter Z
The letter Æ
The letter Ø
The letter Å
The number 0
The number 1
The number 2
The number 3
The number 4
The number 5
The number 6
The number 7
The number 8
The number 9
Question mark
Exclamation mark
Persentage sign
plus sign
Full stop glyph
comma sign
semi colon
divider glyph
Left parentheses
right parentheses
Left curly bracket
right curly bracket
left corner bracket
Right corner bracket
Leftt bracket
Right bracket

ÆØÅ Regular

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ÆØÅ Mono

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Next project


Looking at gamification to teach kids about statistics, while giving insight into hiking as a subject. The tone and approach is similar to how my parents made me love the nature.

BOR written in decorative lettering