Motion Design

A concept combining trait theory with motion design and microinteractions to look at future possibilities to make more tailored and personal content or libraries for AI automatization.

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Traitlabs is a collection of experiments made as individual microinteractions. I uses character traits as a tool to create a mood, communicate the message or solve an issue in digital design. The trait will vary in its direct presence, but the overall theme should reflect the traits. Check out the project in the link below. I made this for my bachelor project, but I will continue to add fun, quirky, absurd and stressful animations.


Bachelor Project


Dec 2020 – Jun 2021


Martin Helliesen Sørdal


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BOR written in decorative letteringBOR written in decorative lettering
BOR written in decorative lettering
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One year of creativity, new disciplines, design theory, illustration, typography and pain to challenge my mindset and creative stamina.

BOR written in decorative lettering